International & Foreign Affairs

Martin Gaucin is an avid student and follower of foreign affairs and international relations. Being able to create dialogue as not only governments, but also as citizens is key to being able to resolve misunderstandings and improve relations.

For over a decade, Martin has worked to foster appreciation for differing cultures, traditions, and languages within his state of Utah and the United States.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

One of my most notable achievements has been working alongside the Bosnian and Bosniak community in Utah to increase relations with state and federal governments. Through my outreach efforts, I have been able to increase cultural exchange and understanding between the people of Utah and the Bosnian and Bosniak community. I have also been working on Bosnian interfaith relations, recognizing the importance of building bridges of understanding and respect across different religions.

I am proud of the progress we have made in promoting greater understanding and appreciation of the Bosnian and Bosniak culture and traditions in Utah. I believe that by working together, we can create a more harmonious and united community. Through my continued efforts in cultural exchange and interfaith relations, I hope to promote stronger and more positive relationships between different communities in Utah and beyond.

Czechia & Slovakia

Working on Czech, Slovakian, Central, and Eastern European exchange, culture, and diplomacy.

In 2023 I became a volunteer for the Honorary Consulate of the Czech Republic and serve as Assistant to the Honorary Consul.


Fostering and developing positive outreach and cultural exchange between the nations of Ibero-America and the United States and Utah. 

The United States and nations of Ibero-America such as Spain, Mexico, and Portugal have closely knit histories and I have found it important to expand upon them in recent times.

For over a decade working to close the gaps in understanding and build closer relations in a civic manner have been paramount. The main focus has been with relations between Spain and the United States. Having participated and been involved in events and conversations, the hope is to continue building upon friendly relations.


I have worked tirelessly to foster understanding and appreciation for different cultures, particularly with my focus on Mexico and Mexicans in Utah. I have taken it upon myself to promote respect and understanding for Mexican culture and traditions, creating opportunities for cultural exchange and dialogue between Mexicans and other Utah residents. Through my efforts, I have been able to break down stereotypes and promote greater understanding and acceptance among different communities in the state.


After the illegal invasion and annexation of Crimea and the supporting of secessionists in Eastern Ukraine by Russia in 2014 I became a vocal supporter of the right for independence and self-determination for the Ukrainian nation and people.

Having worked closely with Utah's Utah Ukrainian Association for some time we have managed to support the local community.

In 2023 I organized and held the 'War in Ukraine: One Year Later' Panel Roundtable.

United Kingdom

For years I have promoted for stronger relations between the United Kingdom and Utah. Our strong and interconnected history has allowed us to retain cultural and business links. I have had the privilege to join the British community in their many events and occasions.

Founder of Salt Lake Diplo.

The Salt Lake Diplomatic Club (SLDC) was an organization committed to connecting Salt Lake to the world through diplomacy, culture, and understanding. Our mission is to make Salt Lake the 'crossroads' of the world by promoting international relations, cultural exchange, and economic development.

The SLDC was dissolved in the third-quarter of 2023 with its mission and goals being reorganized into the Utah Consular Corps Student Leadership Council in the same year.

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Working to increase the presence and opportunities for Americans within the international bodies of the United Nations.